Basics of Pest Control Service

Are ants invading the kitchen? Do cockroaches hang out in the attic? Are there cobwebs and spiders on the hallway walls? All of these things are common problems that occur all of the time and why pest control companies stay so busy. Pest Control is being able to kill off and manage any infestations that have occurred. Pesticides may be used to help the situation but only as a last resort. There are also things that can be done at home to help control the pests.

Regular Pest Control Service

By having professionals come out to inspect and spray, if needed, prevents an infestation from occurring. This also allows any problems to be caught in advance before it gets out of hand. If not caught in time, it can be a huge financial drain. For example, if termites eat the wood inside the walls of the home it can cost thousands of dollars to rid them and then repair the damage. It is recommended to have the same company do termite control and pest control at the home.

Pest Prevention

There are numerous ways to prevent pests from entering the home. For ant control, food should be stored in airtight containers. Tupperware and Gladware are both good containers for this purpose. There should be a tight seal on any trash cans in the home. If there are cracks are holes in doors or walls, these can be sealed with caulk or other types of sealant.


Cleaning is another thing that can limit pests from entering the home and staying there. Keeping dirty dishes out of the sink or washed regularly can keep roaches from wanting to come around. This also keeps ants away. Cleaning up and organizing clutter is another way to control pests from entering the home. Pests like dark, damp places so they gravitate to clutter in homes, garages, or basements.

Homemade Spray

Many people use homemade remedies such as sprays and coffee grounds to keep pests out of their home. Coffee grounds are said to be fatal to ants. A sugar and Borax mixture is also said to be a great killer of ants. Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar is known to help with fruit flies and drain mites.

Having to deal with unwanted critters is not a delightful way to spend time at home. This can put a damper on anyone's day. If you are curious about how annoying pests and bugs could be entering your home, have an evaluation done by a local pest control company.


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